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The Contrast
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How to Progress your Chin Up/Pull Up

I love to brag about how great pull ups and chin ups are. But the reality is that most people aren't capable of doing even one full pull up or chin up. So Here are things to help you progress your way to getting a full chin up/pull up.

The First Four Things:

1.) Lose Weight (Body Fat)

The reason the pull up/chin is so good is that illuminates your relative strength to your body weight. Even if you can squat 700lbs, if you can't lift your body off of the ground you're not in a great shape. Being able to do a pull up shows you that you've obtained some decent strength relative to your body. So make plans to lose body fat by either increasing your cardio or beginning a diet. ( for those of you who need help setting up a diet or training program.)

2.) Lat Pull Downs

The key to having your Lat Pull Downs have direct transfer to your Pull Up/Chin Up strength is to minimize the amount of lean and not focus so much on pulling it to your chest but pulling your chin above the bar.

3.) Controlled Negatives

4.) Assisted with bands

I don't like the assisted dip or pull up machines. I've seen very few people actually graduate from using one to being able to do actual dips or pull ups. The whole moveable platform is bothersome and doesn't train the stabilization that occurs with a free floating body. However, attaching weight bands still allows you to train the correct movement while still getting assistance. 

Now you can do a Chin up/Pull Up! Now how to do more...

1.) Do them more frequently

Get yourself a home pull up bar that you can either keep at your home, office, or in your car and begin to frequently do pull ups or chin ups throughout the day. Now, the key is not to go to failure every time you do a set. If you can only do three pull ups, then do just do one every hour. OR you can give yourself a daily or weekly goal of the amount of your pull ups you will do and then increase that total weekly. This not only gives you more practice, but more volume that isn't going to completely tax or drain you for your other training sessions.

2.) Do Weighted Pull Ups

The moment you can start doing Pull Ups, get yourself a weight chain belt and begin adding weight to the belt. Don't go full potato and throw on a 25lb plate, start real small with a 2.5lb plates. You can even do controlled negatives with much heavier weight and start introducing your central nervous system to how it feels to have that much tension on your back and biceps.

3.) Do assisted bands again!

After you've completed your unassisted pull ups, throw on a band and do even more reps so that your muscles get a nice overload.

Try one, two, or all of these tricks and you'll notice immediate improvements in your pull up/chin up strength.

Until Next Time,

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It.

The Opera Bro

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