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The Contrast
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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Reccomended Protein Powders

I'm definitely not the typical bro. For one I sing opera. For the other, I don't particularly like protein powders and can go several months without touching the stuff. However, when time, energy, and kitchen availability comes into question, protein powder becomes a necessity in order to hit my daily protein goals.

Often times the biggest obstacle my new clients face is getting in the recommended amounts of protein per day. I generally say to get it from the usual suspects: Eggs/egg whites, meat, dairy of the chewable variety. And when they've exhausted these resources, then consider purchasing a protein powder to make up the difference.

Protein powder is also an immensely flexible substance and can be used in a lot of recipes that are fantastic replacements for your typical high calorie/low protein dessert options. The YouTube personality Michael Khory has a channel filled with amazing recipees that show what kind of magic protein is capable of.

The following are two protein powders that I have personally tried and found to be pretty tasty:

Dymatize Cookies and Cream

I would do this one scoop at a time. The flavor is subtle, mixes fairly well in water and milk, and is fairly sweet, bordering on too sweet, so don't mix it with anything that will add to the sweetness such as other sweeteners or fruits.

Dymatize Fudge Brownie

I prefer this flavor of the two I've tried thus far. They have difficulty keeping this flavor in stock at my local protein dispensary and I take that as a great sign. My brother recently mixed it with a bowl of Greek yogurt and said with no sense of falsehood that is was "dope."

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Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It.

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