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The Contrast
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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Client Updates

One of my favorite things I seen in other trainers blogs is updates on their clients and seeing how much progress they make in their lifts and physiques. It's all data, but it gives me the tingly feels thinking about how far they've come as people during the course of their journey. And, seeing that I'm coming up on some decent time spent with some of my clients 8, 12, 16 weeks, I'm really starting to appreciate stepping back and admiring their hard work.

So, I've compiled a small list of client progress to share with you, the good people of the internet.

16 Weeks with Client John:

John was a reader of my blog prior to being a client, he actually ran my "Lifting for Singers" program I wrote while at Des Moines as a guest blogger. He saw some nice progress and reached the before lifts on his own. John has a job that keeps him busy and he's part of the wake up stupid early and train club.

Squat: 215 x 5
Deadlift: 225 x 5
Overhead Press: 105 x 5

Squat: 195 x20, 225 x 12
Deadlift: 275 x8
Overhead Press: 115 x7

16 Weeks with Client Cody:

Cody is an on old friend. We knew each other when we were both chubby, but Since then we've cut up quite a bit. He reached out to me because he wanted to improve his strength and get leaner. We've accomplished both of these goals and now we're chasing after even more strength and a new level of leanness. He's a strong bastard, a hard worker, and a real quality guy.

Goblet Squat: 90lbs x 6
Deadlift: 245 x 4
Bench: 205 x 4
Chin Ups: Bodyweight x 6

Barbell Squat: 265 x 12
Bench: 205 x 6
Deadlift: 295 x 4
Chin Ups: Bodyweight + 45lbs x 6 <<<-- Amazing progress

8 Weeks with Client William:

I've known William for some time now, he knew me in multiple body types if that gives you a hint about the length of our relationship. But we've only recently working together for training and coaching. I was skeptical at first about how well he'd do just because I know the demands of his job and life and know that they can become rather burdensome. I was soon to be proven quite wrong.

Weight: 255 - 228lbs

Goblet Squat: 25lbs x 10
Dumbbell Bench: 20lbs x 10
Leg Press: 100lbs x 10
Stiff Leg Dumbbell Deadlift: 20lbs x 12

Goblet Squat: 70lbs x 12
Barbell Bench: 95lbs x 9
Leg Press: 230 x 12
Stiff Leg Dumbbell Deadlift: 65lbs (each hand) x 9

"My body has not seen the lighter side of 230lbs in 20 years-and I'll be there next week!!!!!!!"

William has just signed up for an additional 8 weeks and I'm eager to continue chasing down results for him.

I've got lots of great clients, and if you're one of mine don't think you're not doing well, because you all are, it just takes me a bit to collect all of the data and regurgitate it on the blog and Ol' Yeargain is busy doin' lots of things. I'd love to fill up a whole blog just bragging about you fine people, but I figured it would be better to space them out a bit more. Don't worry, keep up your hard work and you'll get a mention. Real recognize real.

So, until Next Time...

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It

The Opera Bro

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