The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Quick Updates

What's Up, Team!

Generally I like to have a very consistent Schedule of Blog posts released, a daily training blog along with my usual Wednesday and Saturday posts about training, nutrition, or general life stuff. HOWEVER, ya boy, Ol' Yeargain has been REALLY busy as of late.

Here are a few things I'm working on...

Oklahoma! at Lyric Theatre

Most of my day consists of rehearsal for Oklahoma! at Oklahoma Lyric Theatre. Which is fantastic. I'm having the time of my life. This show is VERY significant to my home state and I feel that I'm going to give a performance that's going to be very memorable to this particular audience. After all, Jud Fry is the shard of glass in the neatly combed sand and if it's sharpness doesn't impact you in some way, then I'm not doing my job. The cast is the image of perfection and the creative team is friendly, responsive and eager to help us produce a FANTASTIC product. I truly can't think of a single negative thing to say about my time with this show and this company.

New eBook

After releasing my first short program/book, I grew addicted to the writing and producing process and I'm currently working on my next project. This book with be called The Opera Bro Guide to Flexible Dieting and will be a comprehensive guide on how you can diet and still eat the foods you love to eat. So far it's about half way finished and I've already written 30 or so pages and plan to write a lot more. I'm very proud of the work I've put into it thus far and I'm VERY excited about releasing it to the public. This will be my first book that I will be officially selling, so I'm going to make the product as perfect as possible. Both in terms of information and entertainment value. What's the point of reading something that's boring as hell?

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Extra Curricular

Ol' Yeargain is working on LOTS of different projects. One of which isn't set in concrete yet, but is taking up some of my additional time in order to make it another big part of my life. Basically, it's education and one of the privileges that come with educating others is becoming more educated yourself! This evening I had a phone call with Tim Rogan who played Lancelot in the touring production of Camelot this past year. We discussed many of the opera bro's favorite topics: training, dieting, and performing. He's an awesome guy and gave me a lot of insight into what he does for training and what kind of obstacles performers face when they are on the road.

Until Next Time,

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It.

The Opera Bro

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