The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bigger Bench Press Program

I know, I know. I don't have an impressive bench press. I've got long arms, very awkward tricep insertions and it's easily my weakest lift. But that's exactly why I'm the person who you should talk to. I've had to pull out a lot of tricks in order to get the meager bench I've acquired. I've recently been progressing very nicely on my bench as of the past few months and it's due to a few key things.

More Frequent Benching

I bench and bench to a conservative max 3 times a week. In two of those sessions I'm maxing out on a variation of the bench.

Pause Work

The Maxing I'm doing on my variations is in the form of pause work. Meaning I'm pausing the weight on my chest at the bottom of the lift and eliminating any bounce off of my sternum.


Waves have been used in Olympic weightlifting for years. Since Olympic weightlifting primarily works in singles, this style of training works very well for maxing out. I basically start warming up with the bar for 5, Do 135 for a single rep, then add 20-30lbs to the bar until I've achieved a conservative max. No getting hyped up on music or pre-workout. No going for huge PR's. It's putting weight on the bar that you know you can crush and avoiding lot's of slow grinding reps.


Everybody's bench is weakest at the bottom. Especially if your technique isn't great, which more than likely it isn't. It's just high notes, you're a freak if you have naturally strong high notes. The key to getting more pop out of the bottom is to have not only stronger muscles, but more muscle mass on your triceps and chest. So after working up to your max, you've got to get in more work. You've got to work in the higher rep ranges, chase the pump and start feelin' like the bro you always were.

The Bigger Bench Program

1st Training Session
Regular Touch and Go Bench
Work Up to a Conservative Max in the rep ranges of 5-3-1
Followed by ->
Pause Bench 2x8-12 (at about 65 - 75% of your max bench)
Followed by ->
Bicep, Tricep, and shoulder work

2 More Training Sessions to be added to your week at Your Discretion.
1st Wave: Wide Grip Paused Bench
2nd Wave: Close Grip Paused Bench
Followed by ->
Wide Grip Paused Bench (65-70% of 1 Conservative Max)1xAMRAP
Close Grip Paused Bench (65-70% of 1 Conservative Max)1xAMRAP
Followed by ->
Bicep, Tricep, and shoulder work

It's fairly simple, but very effective. Give it a try and I defy you not to progress. Hard work works.

Until Next Time,

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It

The Opera Bro

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