The Contrast

The Contrast
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ol' Yeargain returns to Claremore

Well it turns out that your boy, Ol' Yeargain will be returning to Claremore. This October I will be appearing as a guest artist with Rose State in their production of Oklahoma!

"Oh, yeah! I can't wait to see you do Jud Fry again!"

Woah, wait a sec there. I know I did a good job as the dirty hired hand. But this time, Ol' Yeargain is riding into town as Curly McLain.

Curly is one of the original leading men of musical theatre. In order to tell his story you have use a LOT of tools. You use a lot of tactics in basically every scene you're in, you circle talk around every subject, tryin to sneak into a victory. It's only when things are at their pinnacle does Curly finally grow up and step into the forward decisions required of being a man. He is the embodiment of the Oklahoma journey. A piece of territory that has no ties suddenly finds itself rooted into a land and becomes a part of community. It's a beautiful story about growing up, falling in love, and the realities of life.

It also helps that the music is gorgeous and delightfully fun. Getting to perform "Lonely Room" with members of the OKC Philharmonic was beyond a treat, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I get jealous over other peoples tunes. Music is my mistress after all. It's going to feel amazing singing "Oklahoma!" with a full chorus, orchestra to a crowd that will in all likelihood be standing and clapping along. (Its tradition. Happens every time.)

I'm currently waiting to hear about another opportunity that will greatly affect the way I will train for coming months. Ideally I'd be about 10lbs lighter for Curly (in my minds eye at least) so I may be utilizing some carb cycling when it gets closer to stage time. I have not committed to the ideas quite yet. Still kicking some things around right now.

Until Next Time,

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It

The Opera Bro

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