The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Excuses and other self manufactured B.S.

Excuses/Self Manufactured B.S.

The path to success is lined with corpses seared with the words "but" "maybe" "if only" each scarlet letter stinking of indecisiveness and excuse. The excuses that fall out of our mouths is remarkable. I'd almost prefer they didn't even try then make an excuse. At least without trying you can plead ignorance or call it a choice. Half assing is the illness that plagues us all. If you're going to do something, do it all the way or drop it. Don't Point the finger.

It's disgusting seeing people create blockades for themselves. I don't care that you didn't do it! I don't have an agenda or a political platform. You either got the job done or you didn't. If I was your boss and you didn't do your job, I would fire you. If you were my tenant and you didn't pay your rent, I would evict you. As the saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing for failure. If you're traveling and don't look ahead to find a place where you can train where you'll be located, then of course you're not going to get in your training sessions. If you don't bring something to eat, get in your protein and fiber and do your best to regulate your blood sugar, you're going to get hungry, you're going to get hangry, and you're more than likely going to binge on something that's not going to go well with your physique and fitness goals.

With things like fitness or nutrition, you get my same product no matter WHAT you do. You and you alone suffer the consequences. My body will look the same no matter if you skipped a workout or not, or if you pigged out on Fritos at 2am last night after a night of binge drinking. I will train you and prescribe you the same advice I give all of my clients, regardless if you follow through or not. The main issue one has to come to grips with is OWNERSHIP. You have to own your mistakes and learn from them. Learning is important to growing and understanding what led to your failure so you won't repeat it.

Just. Do. It. 

This week I taught numerous people how to deadlift. I worked them all up to a heavy single. Many felt the donkey kick of their central nervous system screaming "NO" for the first time in their lives. 

Some heard their brain begin to phonate on the N of "no" and drop the weight right away. And every time I said "try it again." I Set them up for cues to get out of their way and then fire them up with a passionate "you CAN do this."

The looks on their faces when they beat the weight were priceless. Because they didn't just beat the weight, they bested themselves. Their body said "we can't do this" and they said "shut the fuck up" and proved it wrong. 

Nobody set world records this week in my class, nobody did anything that was alien to what our species is capable of. But until today they didn't know they could do it. In fact many assumed they couldn't and would never do so.

In the world of weights, many women assume they are incapable of lifting certain weights. They think that anything about a 15lb dumbbell is going to crush them. This obviously isn't a universal truth, but I can recognize patterns enough to acknowledge that within this statement lies truth. It's amazing how seeing them glow after crushing a huge weight. suddenly the light inside of the them that had been pushed deep into their belly where it was almost a barely flickering ember is ignited like a Bon fire. Then they think "I wonder if I can lift heavier than that."

And this doesn't just afflict women. There are plenty of men who assume they are weak too. They assume they can't push themselves to a point where they can lift their own bodyweight off the ground. But with the right tools, they can. In Fact many can push themselves quite far the first time they approach a lift. I had one of the guys in my class rip 315lbs off of the floor and lock it out with no problem. Never once done a deadlift. Truly Remarkable.

And as amazing as it is when they succeed, It's remarkable how mad they get when they can't lift the weight they want, too.


I don't want people to walk around cold inside, curious what it feels like to be brave, to beat something, to win. I don't give out second place trophies. You either lifted the weight or you didn't. You either get the triumph or you stare at the weight and think "you son of a bitch. You bet your ass I'll be picking you up soon." It leaves them hungry for progress, something VITAL towards success.

So in the end, stop self sabotaging, learn from your mistakes, and get hungry for progress.

Until next time,

Lift Big, Sing big, and Look Great Doing it.

The Opera Bro

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