The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Personal Training

The Opera Bro (Kasey Yeargain) is a certified personal trainer and professional opera singer who specializes in helping people lose weight and gain lean body mass.

How can you accomplish this kind of transformation? 

Ol' Yeargain at 300lbs (On the Left) and 188lbs (on the Right.)

Kasey will show you how to lose weight by teaching you how to control your diet and still be able to enjoy foods you love and help you keep it off by increasing your metabolism through resistance training and development of lean muscle mass.

Your membership will give you:

  • Individualized Training to best fit your schedule/lifestyle/goals
  • Individualized Macro Nutrient and Diet Plans
  • Unlimited contact via email
  • Weekly Skype Meetings

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What are the benefits of Online Coaching?

  • Constant Contact with your coach (Me!)
  • Schedule Flexibility
  • Use of your own gym/equipment

Are you a performer trying to get into fantastic shape for a role?

Are you a guy trying to get those big guns and 6 pack abs? 

Are you a mother or grandmother who wants to have more energy for your job, friends, family, life?

Are you working a 9 to 5 job and want to get into better shape?

Ol' Yeargain is Your Man!


You WILL work for your results. Nothing works if you don't. Part of this transformation process is creating habits and a sense of power and confidence that will resonate in all other parts of your life. This only comes from hard work, dedication and intelligent application of efficient programming. I will be responsible for the later by giving you the tools for success, but you will be responsible for applying them.

Trust me, I know! Going from THIS...

To this...

Doesn't happen overnight! But the sooner you start, the sooner you can achieve and MAINTAIN the body you want.

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"I've been overweight since I was a kid. I always looked at fit people and thought "Oh, I could never look like that". I assumed it was either genes, or an overabundance of time that allowed them to look that way. They seemed maybe to know secrets, or have special abilities. I simply never really even considered the possibility of my actually going down the path toward fitness, or growing greater physical strength, or even truly understanding the way nutrition worked with, or against, my body. 

       When I met Kasey, I thought he was just another one of those genetically gifted people who didn't have to try to look the way he did. That his big muscles were simply gifts from his ancestors, and his lean physique was the result of an effortless metabolic advantage.  Then, a mutual friend of ours told me that in less than two years previous, he had actually been more out of shape and overweight than me. I was floored. He wasn't just someone who had clearly crash-dieted, he was fit. Hollywood fit. Obviously, I had to talk to him, and ask what his process was, and perhaps even see if he thought it could be possible for me. 
        Over the years, I have tried various diets and exercise routines at the hands of various well-meaning trainers, but nothing at all had ever really taken off. I began to work exclusively with Kasey without fear for two reasons. First, he is a walking testimonial to his own methods. He has been where I am, and has gotten himself where he is today, which is an obviously incredible level of fitness. He has been through things that didn't work, and has weeded them out. He knows what works, and what's more he understands why it works. His knowledge of Nutrition and exercise is not only practical and personal, its encyclopedic.  Second, Kasey has what I consider to be the perfect demeanor for a Personal Trainer. He's calm, patient, and friendly. He's pumped me up when I needed it, and he's put the reigns on and slowed me down when I needed it. And this can't be overvalued: he wants my results to be perfectly and safely obtained. I never get the idea that he is pushing me beyond my comfort, or safety. And I've not once felt judged, only cared for. 
       I would strongly urge anyone who has ever had the slightest wonder what is possible for them in terms of fitness, physical strength, or having a leaner body shape, to talk with Kasey, and hear what he has to say. Listen to his philosophies, and get to know his style and demeanor.  I never really understood Nutrition, or been able to actually understand my personal and specific needs in regards to food intake. I simply just ate. With Kasey's help, I'm starting to understand it, and put it to use. Its an absolute life-changer.  My Strength has taken a leap forward in the past few months through his guidance. My lifts are on a steep climb with no end in sight anytime soon. He's walked me through from a beginner, with very specific routines and patiently taught me all the proper forms for maximum growth. He's always been there for me. He's always flexible, and ready to do what I need to make it to the next step. He's always asking about my comfort, and performance, and is always ready to adjust whatever we need to make it all fit my lifestyle. I truly couldn't me more thankful to him, or excited for my future. You're in the best possible hands. Good luck!"

- Jon (Father, Husband, Full Time Traveling Performer)

"I had battled my weight my entire life, unsuccessfully.  I began working with Kasey at 48 years old when I was at a crisis point with my health and my weight was at a lifetime high for me at 212 pounds.  I had blood pressure concerns, elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, chronic headaches, and could not get through a treadmill stress test without my blood pressure getting to stroke levels.  I had been on numerous diets and not been able to stick with them.  I had exercised sporadically, but only for short stints, and never in a consistent way.  I had certainly never used free weights more than maybe a 5 or 10 pound hand weight from time to time.

Kasey first got me on a calorie restriction plan and taught me how to track my macros.  He encouraged me to make weight training a much bigger part of my exercise plan and worked with me to design a lifting plan that a novice like me could build on.  He gave basic steps to follow and taught me the appropriate form with each lift to give me optimal benefit.  He started me on low weights and consistently discussed how the plan was working for me, making modifications as needed to keep me progressing.

In the year that I have been working with Kasey, I have lost 65 pounds and gone from a size 18-20 to a 6-8.  At 49 years old, I get compliments all the time on my sculpted arms and legs and told I look 20 years younger.  I went from a lifetime of sedentary living to being a very active person.  In the last year,  I have run a 5K, I routinely take 20 mile bike rides, and I work out 5 days a week, with lifting 3 days a week.  One example of my progress - I started at 20 pound goblet squats and am now doing barbell squats with 135 pounds.   The best news is I am now the picture of health.  I have optimal blood pressure, my cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, etc are all great.

I am thoroughly committed to this lifestyle and Kasey continues to be a valued resource in helping me continue to pursue and achieve my health and fitness goals.  I would never have begun a lifting program without his encouragement.  Without weight lifting, I wouldn't have the tone and definition in my physique that I take such pride in.  I appreciate Kasey's no BS approach.  He doesn't sugarcoat - do the work in the gym and the kitchen and you will reap the rewards.  He tells you the truth and you get results if you listen and follow his advice.  I'm very glad I did and continue to do so."

- Melissa (Mother, Grandmother, Senior Vice President in Private Banking)

"In my brief time on Kasey's plan I've seen results that I'm quite pleased with. I've lost some weight, I've found myself routinely increasing my weight on lifts at the gym and my energy is through the roof. Kasey doesn't try to sell you on some B.S. that to lose weight you have to completely slash your calories down to an unsustainable number. He takes everything into account, your age, weight, body fat percentage, etc., to give you the best plan to achieve the results you want. His programs may not be easy but they are sustainable. I've seen countless friends lose weight and gain it right back after their fad diet wore off. Kasey won't give you one of those. His concern is for your long term success. Your short term results may not be as drastic as something else but that's superfluous. You'll notice right away that your physical and mental energy will improve dramatically. Patience and hard work are the keys to any successful body change. Kasey's individualized program for you will make you exercise those virtues. But, the science backs him up 100% of the way. I, for one, can't wait to see what results come."

- Matt (Traveling Performer, Young Professional on a Budget.) 

"Since I was in high school, I've always stayed at least relatively in shape. But, I've always been on the smaller side, you know the type of guy that eats anything he wants and refuses to show any change in weight. As a performance major my workout regimen was keeping me tone/fit, but I still looked like a teenager. Upon asking Kasey about any tips he had for skinny guys trying to bulk up, I was surprised to be messaged back with a full workout outline, and dietary suggestions for optimal growth. I gave it a shot for 4 months, put on about 15 good pounds, and because of his help I'm beginning to grow into my voice type as a performer,look less like a kid, and more like a young adult."

- Erick (Full Time Student, Young Professional) 


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